Informal Learning at Training Magazine’s Online Learning Conference

Learning Experience and Performance Plan matrixHave you given up on Informal Learning because you can’t figure out how to design it? Do you have a larger plan for leveraging all of those microlearning elements you are creating? Do you know what you can safely delegate content to a job aid, e-learning, or social learning? Can we all agree the way we’ve been doing this isn’t working as well as it used to?

In other words: Do you know how to extend the learning beyond the classroom in your organization? Simply put, ADDIE works for formal learning – and falls flat when it comes to designing Informal Learning. But “informal” does not have to mean “unplanned.” There is a defined process that blends the benefits of deliberate instructional design with informal learning’s focus on performance. It’s called the Learning Experience and Performance (LEaP) Plan. It is the blueprint for an optimized curriculum of formal and informal learning. A LEaP Plan identifies the content best delivered via formal instruction, then indicates informal delivery modalities for the rest of your content.

Based on the Five Moments of Learning Need framework, the LEaP Plan categorically shows which content belongs in the “70 and 20.” The LEaP Plan applies a complete approach to designing learning with a blend of both “Formal” and “Informal” structure, addressing both the formal events and the informal learning that happens in between the events. It shows “formal” with a focus on how learners learn today. It also meets them back in the workflow, when they are no longer “Learners” but instead are “Performers.” The LEaP Plan is the key to unlocking support for the Moment of Apply when your learners need that little push to do it right, build good habits, and improve their performance.

I’m giving a concurrent session on this very topic at this year’s Online Learning Conference in New Orleans on September 27th at 10:45am. If you’re there in New Orleans, drop by and see if this LEaP Plan can help!

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