A New Look at Learning Technology

Learning Techology tree
Learning Technology is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, with new tools and techniques that leverage both fresh thinking in theory and pedagogy, and rapid advances in brain science’s understanding of memory and learning. A quick look into some of these new tools and techniques reveals some exciting learning affordances for organizations looking to increase performance of seasoned workers and reduce time to competence for new employees. In this case, an “affordance” of learning technology is t...

4 Ways for Overcoming Resistance to Performance Support Projects

Originally posted on 16 October 2014 on the Performance Support Community of Practice (more about that CoP at the end, including information on becoming a member to get access to many of the links below): “…and in conclusion, all five Moments of Learning Need are covered in the Performance Support pyramid, leading to a comprehensive solution that will improve the outcomes you’ve targeted. If you approve the scope, we can start with a Job Task Analysis, and I will just need access to your thre...