Speaking at eLearning Guild’s Online Forum November 2015

I’m honored to be selected to present at the eLearning Guild’s Online Forum “Collaborative, Social, and Informal Learning: Where Do Learning Professionals Fit?” More details to come on the event itself which runs November 17-18, 2015. The eLearning Guild’s Online Forum events are two-day, ten-session online conferences on the newest tools, strategies, and trends in learning. Online Forums have been running monthly for many years, logging the delivery of over a thousand sessions.

My topic is “A Quantum LEaP: A Framework for Designing Informal Learning.” I’ll go into detail about how the Learning Experience and Performance (LEaP) Plan can help deliberately extend learning beyond the classroom. The LEaP Plan blends the benefits of deliberate instructional design with the just-in-time characteristic inherent in informal learning. It can serve as the blueprint for project planning and development of Informal Learning. It’s the key to optimizing the mix of formal and informal learning. Using a LEaP Plan means identifying the content that is best delivered via formal instruction, then verifying that the rest of your content has been assigned some other delivery modality (or modalities).

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