LEaP Plan at ATD’s 2016 International Conference and Expo


I'm speaking at ATD 2016 Conference badgeI’m thrilled to be selected to present a session at ATD’s 2016 International Conference and Expo (http://www.atdconference.org/) on the LEaP Plan, a tool I’ve been using for some time to design the optimal blend of learning activities and performance support options. The Learning Experience and Performance (LEaP) Plan is part of the Five Moments of Learning Need framework, and I’m excited to share it with my fellow instructional designers and learning architects. A LEaP plan identifies the content best delivered by formal instruction, then indicates informal delivery modalities for the rest of your content. This is a way of categorically showing which content belongs in the “70” and “20” in the 70-20-10 mix. It applies a complete approach to designing learning with a blend of “formal” and “informal” structure.

So my session is TU110, titled “LEaP Framework: ‘Informal’ Learning Does Not Mean ‘Unplanned’ Learning” and runs Tuesday, May 24 at 10:00am MDT in Denver. If you’re at the ATD ICE conference stop by and say hello, or stay a while and let’s figure out how optimize your classroom time.

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