Climbing the Learning Curve for Performance Support Project Rookies

Delivered at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) TechKnowledge 2015 conference, January 14, 2015.

While “Performance support solutions” is a bit of a buzz phrase today, we still have varying definitions and degrees of understanding of just what “performance support” means in practice. If your boss asks you to develop a performance support solution, do you know here to begin? There are critical first steps to take when designing a solution that fits both the needs and culture of your organization. Success is balanced on the knife edge of proper planning and figuring out how to address “what’s in it for me?” for your stakeholders.

In this session, we explore cases of integrating performance support into learning strategy, with examples of how we’re adapting our own training design processes. The goal is to make all five of the Moments of Learning Need the focus instead of an after-thought. Using a case study of the launch of an initial performance support effort for a Federal agency, we will examine valuable lessons for anyone launching their first performance support solution. We’ll also study lessons from other first-time performance support efforts that reinforce the importance of a client champion, and the consequences of not clearly explaining what you’re doing and why.

Whether you’re lucky enough to be the first to run a performance support project, or just engaged in grassroots guerrilla performance support because you Get It, this session will introduce some of the basic skills and approaches anyone can use to get started with a performance support project.



Application on the Job:

  • Discover how to create messages that resonate with ADDIE-focused L&D teams that explain the benefits of integrating performance support into training design and development; and how performance support extends learning beyond the classroom, and maximizes the impact on learning outcomes.
  • Explore the three things you must know or do when launching your first performance support solution.
  • Apply lessons learned from first-time projects.

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