Informal Learning at Training Magazine’s Online Learning Conference

Learning Experience and Performance Plan matrix
Have you given up on Informal Learning because you can’t figure out how to design it? Do you have a larger plan for leveraging all of those microlearning elements you are creating? Do you know what you can safely delegate content to a job aid, e-learning, or social learning? Can we all agree the way we’ve been doing this isn’t working as well as it used to? In other words: Do you know how to extend the learning beyond the classroom in your organization? Simply put, ADDIE works for formal lear...

Hello world!

CRK Learning opens for business today. My goal is to be a world-class learning, education and talent development firm known for providing evidence-based advice that helps organizations link learning to strategic goals and improve workforce performance. My core values are: Be proactive enough to consistently get stuff done. My approach to projects is to constantly drive forward. The Project Management Institute defines a project as "a temporary group activity designed to produce a unique p...