Chris presenting at the 2011 George Mason University Innovations in eLearning Symposium

Chris presenting on a talent development strategy at the 2011 GMU Innovations in eLearning Symposium

I am a learning, education and talent development strategy expert with designs to grow into a world-class learning, education and talent development firm known for providing evidence-based advice that helps organizations link learning to strategic goals and improve workforce performance.

Your goal is to create positive learning outcomes across the full spectrum of training delivery modalities. You can tap into my eighteen years of demonstrated experience developing and delivering talent development and technical education programs to employees, partners, and customers across the enterprise and the world. I have a deep knowledge of training project/program management and topics like electronic performer support, virtual classroom and blended learning design, learning analysis, instructional strategy, talent management, instructional design methods.

Whether you are generating and implementing innovative learning plans, building or executing a talent development strategy, or need expertise in planning, deploying, maintaining, and supporting enterprise-wide training systems, you can count on me to get stuff done.



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